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According to CISO ET sources, there has been a rise of 200 per cent in cyber related threats in India in the last few months. Government bodies has issued a warning against large-scale phishing attacks using COVID-19 as their base bait. India's cybersecurity Nodal agency, CERT-In has issued an advisory warning that the potential phishing attacks could impersonate government establishments, departments and government trade bodies that have been tasked to oversee disbursement of the fiscal aid.
In the current pandemic situation, Cyber Security has become a new rising threat for the organizations to not only protect their company's networks and data, but also their valuable customers’ data. The most popular cyber threats have been Data Breach, Ransomeware, Hacking, Phishing, DDoS
Due to these threats, the organisations have to bear heavy costs for retrieving the data breached and hacked. Many a times the Organisations loses their potential customer base and has a major impact on their reputation. Due to the current COVID-19 situation the company’s are already dealing with the ups and downs in the market, but if not prepared for the major Cyber Attacks, the business could conceive big losses financially and by loosing a major part of the targeted audience.

What We Offer

Our company has developed an application which is not only the parameter protection for hacking but also has Zero-day flaws in it with a strong sense and feel of premium infrastructure. In order to save your company from the cyber threats, below are the Cyber Security considerations that best fits your company’s needs to be safe at this time of terrible pandemic:
Does any of your product caters sensitive data?
Does your reputed company gather the customers data and provides service accordingly?
Does your company uses high risk COTs/Third party software solutions?
Would you prefer implementing SSDLC?
Would you rather prefer to save money and the effort to hire an expensive cyber expert?

If your answer is a “Yes”

- for the above questions, then we would like to present you with our specialised in World Class Cyber Security Services.
We provide satisfactory support for Zero Day vulnerabilities for the vendors with highest level of Security Bulletins. Our Identifies the vulnerable components in the systems and protects them from outer threats.
Our skilled cyber security teams provide standard cyber security in lesser time compared to other companies by following international, national and local ethical regulations
Our customer team follows a secure software development lifecycle according to your he customers needs.
We provide experts team for web, mobile and network penetration testing with proven expertise in red teaming
We assist business owners to find out the loophole in the online infrastructure and helps in building a secure software
We provide our services based on demand, hourly or by project security consultation throughout the year
Our company provides the Proof Of Concepts (POCs) without any cost for your application and product.
We would like to recommend you to consider POC for your applications which has a major potential and are vulnerable to any Cyber Attacks. Feel Free to revert or contact us. We are always happy to help grow your business and protect your firm from unwanted cyber threats.
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