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At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands. Consumers heavily rely on digital means to research products. For example, Think with Google marketing insights found that 48% of consumers start their inquiries on search engines, while 33% look to brand websites and 26% search within mobile applications.
While modern day digital marketing is an enormous system of channels to which marketers simply must onboard their brands, advertising online is much more complex than the channels alone. In order to achieve the true potential of digital marketing, marketers have to dig deep into today’s vast and intricate cross-channel world to discover strategies that make an impact through engagement marketing.

What We Offer

Get Social! Build Relationships!

Marketing has become so much more than one-way communication.With the growth of social media, an increasing number of brands are finding value in opening conversations with online audiences, understanding their needs first hand and engaging them with the right content and/or information – all at the right place and the right time. At MAESTRO, it is our personal belief that the right social media approach for brands is to do more than just talk. We help our clients learn the importance of listening to what their audience is saying and subsequently assist them in finding ways to deliver value.

Sparking Conversations that Develop Strong Relationships

By encouraging conversations in the right direction, our social media strategy revolves around investing significant effort towards understanding the behaviour, desires and perceptions of our clients. We optimize these insights to develop one-of-a-kind strategies that help create a unique personality for your brand your customers resonate with. Using these insights as a stepping stone to creating and sharing highly relevant content across various social platforms, we work towards making your brand a one that talks to the one that everyone talks about.

Setting New Trends and Becoming Early Adopters:

Yesterday’s online quizzes are today’s memes and tomorrow’s viral videos. Our social media experts are constantly tracking existing and upcoming trends in social media content strategies to make sure that the brands we work with are able to adopt the wave well in advance and be perceived as a trendsetter.

Some of our Key Services under Social Media Optimization Include

Social Strategy Development
Social Listening and Analytics
Social Crisis Planning and Management
Community management.
Influencer Marketing
Content Development and Dissemination
Social Media Measurement
Generating Customized Partnerships
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